Supported Currencies

Ziina currently supports accepting payments in multiple currencies to allow customers to pay you in their native currency. Ziina will convert the payment to AED at the time of payment using real time currency exchange rates and settle into your wallet.

Selecting a currency

You can charge your customers in any of our supported currencies by passing the currencies corresponding currency code when creating a Payment Intent. Amount values must be passed in the base units of their currency. For example, $10.00 should be provided as 10000.

Supported currencies

The * indicates three-decimal currencies as described below.

CurrencyCurrency Code
United Arab Emirates DirhamAED
Bahrain Dinar *BHD
Euro Member CountriesEUR
United Kingdom PoundGBP
Indian RupeeINR
Kuwait Dinar *KWD
Oman Rial *OMR
Qatar RialQAR
Saudi Arabia RiyalSAR
United States DollarUSD

Three-decimal currencies

Ziina supports three decimal currencies, such as BHD, KWD, and OMR. However, in order to ensure compatibility with our partners, amounts for these currencies need to be rounded to the nearest ten. For example, 1.234 OMR must be rounded to 1.230 or 1.240.